We were able to obtain a $928,493.12 verdict for our client, William Bryan, yesterday when an Orange County jury found the Orange County Transportation Authority responsible for causing Mr. Bryan’s cognitive problems that they believed were due to Adjustment Disorder.  On July 23, 2013, an OCTA bus driver was traveling too fast on the 22 Freeway and struck Mr. Bryan’s minivan which was at  a stop due to traffic that had stopped in front of his vehicle.  The video from the bus showed that the speed of the bus just prior to the impact could have been as great as 35.7 mph.  The impact shattered the rear glass of the minivan and pushed the minivan forward where it struck a large suv.  Mr. Bryan was initially shaken up at the scene but refused emergency care.  Mr. Bryan was a 71 year old man at the time of the bus crash. Mr. Bryan later developed cognitive problems, such as memory loss, trouble finding words and trouble with problem solving.  There was a dispute among the experts whether Mr. Bryan had mild traumatic brain injury or not.  All of the psychologists and a psychiatrist believed that Mr. Bryan had Adjustment Disorder with anxiety and depression that was causing his cognitive problems.  Mr. Bryan received counseling, a medicine that helps with brain function and attended the Coastline Community College Acquired Brain Injury Program.  Mr. Bryan has learned skills that help him deal with his ongoing cognitive injuries.  The Orange County jury rejected the OCTA lawyer’s claim that Mr. Bryan’s damages were only worth $157,000 and provided Mr. Bryan with a verdict that was fair and reflected all the harms and losses he has had due to the bus crash.