State Farm Insurance Company fights peoples’ injury claims  and denies responsibility for those injuries with their own law firm, Michael Maguire & Associates in Orange County.  In Orange County, California jurors will hear that the attorney defending the negligence of someone failing to follow safety rules may be named Jennifer Leeper, Juan Delgado or Kevin Jolly and that they work for Michael Maguire & Associates.  What the jurors will never be told is that Michael Maguire & Associates, while it sounds like a independent law firm, is really a group of employees of the Corporate Law Department of State Farm Insurance Company.  While everyone has a right to a defense, in house attorneys are saddled with the reality that the insurance company, in this case State Farm, is their employer and controlling whether the case is settled or not.  The defense attorney handling the injury case has to have an insurance adjuster or a team of insurance adjusters approve a settlement within the insurance policy of the negligent person. If an injured person cannot get a fair settlement offer from State Farm Insurance Company, then they will have to go to trial.  At trial State Farm will pay top dollar for experts that primarily testify for the defense.  The State Farm paid doctor will dispute whether you were injured.  Most of the time the State Farm paid doctor will admit that you had some injuries, as this will buy them some credibility with the jury, but they will dispute that you are still injured or need any more medical care.  The State Farm paid doctor will dispute that the medical care that you have already received was reasonable or necessary.  They will probably hire a biomechanic expert to dispute that the forces involved in the crash were sufficient to cause injury.  I have never heard even a defense doctor say that they rely on biomechanic experts to determine if someone was injured in a crash. But that doesn’t stop State Farm and other insurance companies from putting forward testimony from biomechanic experts at trial. There is no down side for State Farm Insurance Company or any other insurance company from using the four “D”s: Delay, Deny, Defend and Defame.  So when you are called for jury duty and you hear the firm that is defending the person that failed to follow safety rules is Michael Maguire & Associates or some other firm, know that there is good chance that they are an insurance company employee. But more importantly question whether what the attorney says, which is not evidence, and the evidence that the insurance company experts provide really proves more likely than not that injured person is not being truthful and was not really not injured.  Firms like Michael Maguire and Associates are motivated to get a discount for the insurance company they work for and to help their client, the insured that was not paying attention and violated safety rules, avoid responsibility.  You can help provide justice for the injured person by awarding just compensation based upon the facts and evidence of the case!