Blog: Weight Loss After the Holidays Try The Dr. Scotti Diet.

Weight Loss After the Holidays Try The Dr. Scotti Diet.

The Dr. Scotti Diet is effective and easy to follow because it is tailored to your specific metabolism, which is as unique to you as […]

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What’s Your Pain Scale?

Settled Case For Client in San Francisco

Our firm just finished a successful mediation for our client at JAMS in San Francisco with the mediator Michael Ornstil.  It was a disputed liability […]

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Loyola Law School Class of 1991 reunion coming up May 21, 2016!

California Law Does Not Permit a Lawyer to Name an Insurance Company as a Defendant in a Personal Injury Case.

Did you know that CA Law does not permit a lawyer to name an insurance company as a defendant?  In personal injury case, (a car […]

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Protect your child’s rights, learn the statute of limitations in California for minors.

Many people have heard the term Statute of Limitations, but usually in the context of a criminal story in the news. But of course in […]

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If a Governmental Entity is Responsible for your Injury, Then a Government Claim is Required in 6 Months

If a Governmental entity or its employee is responsible for your injury, then you must file a Government Claim and comply with Government Code Section […]

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Kyle Scott Law will fight for you!

We just got our new sign.  We are all settled in our new office in Old Town Tustin.  We are ready to help you get […]

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