Blog: Hayley Lawson has KJS LAW Spirit!

Hayley Lawson has KJS LAW Spirit!

Hayley Lawson is our newest paralegal.  Prior to working at our office she interned for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office working on DNA cases.  […]

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Prop 46 Will Not Increase Malpractice Insurance Rates

Will medical malpractice insurance rates skyrocket if the cap is raised, resulting in doctors fleeing California and a reduction in access to care?  […]

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Increasing Pain and Suffering for Victims of Medical Malpractice Will Not Increase Healthcare Costs

Will indexing the cap raise health care costs on patients? Medical malpractice costs (payments and insurance) represent only a very small fraction […]

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Tom Girardi got Peter Cetera to perform at the Loyola 50th Grand Reunion!

Gloria Allred and Jacqualine Scott at the Loyola 50th Grand Reunion!

If You Support KYLE SCOTT LAW Then Write A Review On Google!

If you support Kyle Scott Law, then write a review on Google for our law firm. Small businesses like ours rely on satisfied customers and […]

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KYLE SCOTT LAW – 714.544.1460 or email us at “We The People…”

The Seventh Amendment to Constitution gives us our right to a jury trial for harms and losses.  It reads, “In Suits at common law, where […]

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